On stage I use my macmini for my sounds. I don’t walk around on stage so I’m working with a tethered inear monitoring (I was working as inear-tech on the ELIF tour in january 2014). As my soundcard has a headphone output, I want to use it to get my inear-signal. Of course I could use the build-in volume knob but it’s not very comfortable. My goal is, to change the volume via a passive knob on my belt.

I needed:

– housing
– 100Ohm stereopotentiometer
– knob for potentiometer
– 3.5mm jack with a connection thread
– sandpaper
– black coating
– XLR jack
– 25mm drill (better 24mm)

After a few hours of work here is the result. It still needs a belt clip, but it works flawlessly. Those, who want to go the easier way, take the NA-housing of Neutrik.


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