As I’m working live with a Mac I was looking for a solution, that combines usability, fast buildup and less wiring on stage. Of course there is nothing on the market. So again I started building this controllerboard by myself.

It contains a MacMini (i7 @ 2,6GHz, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM), eight motorized faders, 16 rotary encoder with LED rings and a lot of illuminated buttons / switches. In the mid there is a 10″ touchscreen. It’s to small to work with in the studio / sound-building-procedure but for the stage it’s working quite well.  The audiointerface is a UAD Apollo Twin Duo which is wired to the XLR I/Os on the backside of the board (thanks to S.E.A.).
Underneath the MacMini there is a 120mm fan, that takes care of a good airflow inside the housing. On the left side there is a hole in the wooden panel. There is another fan (50mm), which blows the air out of the case.

The aluminium case was cnc milled by the Berlin based company Schaeffer AG, the wooden side panels were made by Holzmanufaktur Berlin – Kreuzberg.

The electronic is based on MIDIbox ( /


brain_05 brain_04 brain_03 brain_01

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